Professional drone photography and drone filming throughout the UK and beyond!

We are a small friendly team of creative and innovative individuals who have a passion for drones/filming and a superior/in-depth understanding of the technology behind drones and how to use that technology to obtain the best footage, in the most secure and professional way.

We undertake a detailed task and risk assessment prior to every project. This allows us to consider all operating and legal issues that need to be taken into account - for example, operations in congested areas may require additional permissions and personnel. We investigate the surrounding areas to search for obstacles and potential hazards.

Aerial photography is the perfect way to impress potential visitors, ideal for showcasing hotels, tourist attractions, castles, golf courses, beaches, coastal regions...the possibilities are growing by the day.

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Our drones, cameras and equipment are fully maintained to the highest possible standards for safe efficient aerial filming and video. Everything is meticulously tested and examined before and after each flight.

Our services

  • Sky Eyes external penetration testing services: a bespoke aerial threat exercise which simulates an airborne threat to help you implement the right detection, response and mitigation capacities for scenarios tailored to your unique situation. The next generation of penetration testing is here.
  • Drone filming and flying
  • Drone flying at night and thermal imaging photography
  • Drone indoor filming
  • Short notice drone team: if we’re available and not committed to another job, we can perform an airspace check, complete a risk assessment and be ready to go within 30 minutes!

We can offer unique video and photography opportunities that were once either impossible or very expensive.

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