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Hostile or Friendly drones at your service.


What We Do

Drone operations are rapidly expanding to find new ways for unmanned autonomous aircraft to assist in our daily existence but for every progression and innovation made in the commercial world there is also progression and innovation made in the criminal world.

Airborne Armour seeks to mimic the methodologies that criminals use to provide that hostile drone service you need to prove your drone defences work. With a range of drones and capabilities from high-resolution photography to thermal-imaging, we have something to cater for your needs.

Conventional drone work such as building surveys and promotional imagery is also possible as our drone pilots love the experience and need to keep their hours up!

Aerial Threat Exercises

Understand how your organisation can be exploited via drone-based attacks.

Data Targeting

Find out what data can be exfiltrated from your organisation via drone.

Drone Support

Support via drone for your security patrols and dog teams.

Thermal Imaging

Understand your thermal losses with thermal imaging services.

Video Surveys

Conventional drone survey services for progression monitoring and construction.

NextGen Penetration Testing

Find out how your risks are exploited with a drone-based penetration test.

Covert Imaging

Covert drone-based filming and photography, packaged as a discrete service.

Property Showcase

Showcase your property in HD with high-resolution video footage from one of our drones.

Rogue WiFi Deployment

How resilient is your organisation to rogue WiFi access points, delivered via drone?

Professional drone activities throughout the UK


We are a small friendly team of creative and innovative individuals who have a passion for drones/filming and a superior/in-depth understanding of the technology behind drones and how to use that technology to obtain the best footage, in the most secure and professional way.

We undertake a detailed task and risk assessment prior to every project. This allows us to consider all operating and legal issues that need to be taken into account - for example, operations in congested areas may require additional permissions and personnel. We investigate the surrounding areas to search for obstacles and potential hazards.

Aerial photography is the perfect way to impress potential visitors, ideal for showcasing hotels, tourist attractions, castles, golf courses, beaches, coastal regions...the possibilities are growing by the day.


Contact Us

We would love to help you out with any question you may have. Feel free to ask us anything and everything! If you'd prefer to speak to us on the old-fashioned telephone, you can call us on +44 (0) 333 210 2600.